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Microsite Web Design Portfolio by Design Eclectic

Big Data Microsite Web Design & Build

Vanson Bourne are an independent technology market research provider who work with technology vendors and PR companies to better understand, influence and engage their markets more effectively.

This microsite was one of a number of deliverables created to deliver the results of research into Big Data as part of a marketing campaign for the business.

A microsite offered the perfect solution for establishing an exclusive space for visitors to interact with the in depth research results without the potential distractions of the main website. It also allowed for an easy and engaging page design that was optimised for the information to be communicated rather than being restricted to the main website page format.

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Sentinel Microsite Web Design

Sentinel Microsite Web Design

Sentinel has over fifteen year’s experience in power and console management, with products located in thousands of mission critical IT facilities, ranging from offshore oil and gas installations to global 24/7 rolling news providers.

This microsite was created to support a marketing campaign promoting the launch of a new product to a specific customer database. The campaign included a mailer which directed recipients to the microsite for more detailed information and to register for an exclusive discount code on the first order placed.

Whilst the campaign theme and branding was used on the home page banner of the microsite to provide consistency for site visitors it was also critical that the site could work in isolation and that the technical information it contained was provided in a clear and easy to understand format.

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Christmas Microsite Web Design

Vanson Bourne Christmas Microsite Web Design

Having proposed a quirky Christmas card for Vanson Bourne using facts and figures about Christmas they loved the idea so much they surveyed 1000 people as to what they would be doing at Christmas, with whom, where and when.

There just wasn't the space to use all of the fascinating and amusing results on the Christmas card or the Christmas emailer so we were tasked with producing an accompanying microsite. This provided a digital platform for the research which we could then promote through social media enabling it to be shared with a much wider audience.

This was a project where our designers were able to have a lot of fun whilst at the same time learning that 21% of people return or exchange at least one present!

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Wearable Tech Microsite Design

Wearable Tech Microsite Web Design

This microsite was one of a set of deliverables created to deliver the results of research into Wearable Technology as part of a marketing campaign for Vanson Bourne.

By using a microsite the page design could follow the specific branding we developed for the campaign rather than being restricted to the format of the main corporate website. It also enabled additional research and more detailed information to be conveyed in an engaging and creative way without the potential distractions of the main website.

An additional benefit the microsite provided was that search engine optimsation (SEO) could be specifically focused on Wearable Technology enabling the site to rank more highly in search results and increase the potential online audience.

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