Tech Marketing Brochure Design

Vanson Bourne 'Tech Marketing' Brochure Design

Vanson Bourne are an independent technology market research provider who work with technology vendors and PR companies to better understand, influence and engage their markets more effectively.

This brochure included the full results and analysis for a Vanson Bourne research project on technology marketing. It was the key deliverable in a marketing campaign targeted at technology marketing professionals which included individual reports for respondents, a benchmarking tool as well as social media graphics and posts.

We were responsible for the copywriting, page layout design and creation of bespoke graphics to support the text.

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Sentinel Brochure Design

Sentinel Corporate Brochure Design

Sentinel has over fifteen year’s experience in power and console management, with products located in thousands of mission critical IT facilities, ranging from offshore oil and gas installations to global 24/7 rolling news providers.

Sentinel had no collateral other than their website when they approached us to create a company brochure. They wanted a brochure to introduce their business to prospective clients and also one that could be left behind after meetings.

With no other collateral we needed to create a corporate identity for them and as part of this project we also provided design assistance to 'fine-tune' their existing logo.

Since the brochure has been produced we have also designed business stationery, product datasheets, a white paper, direct mailers and a microsite.

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Shadow IT Brochure Design Pdf

Vanson Bourne 'Shadow IT' Brochure Design

This 3 page online brochure was the lead deliverable in a marketing campaign for Vanson Bourne which also included a webcast, infographics, video interviews as well as social media graphics and posts.

The brochure was used in the launch email campaign and was designed to act as a taster to encourage recipients to visit the Vanson Bourne website. It provided an overview of the headlines from the research results with links to the other deliverables for more detailed information and therefore had to to strike the balance of having enough content to be interesting but also not give too much away!

We were responsible for the copywriting, brochure layout and creation of the accompanying graphics. The design was consistent with both the overall theme for the Shadow IT marketing campaign and also followed Vanson Bourne's corporate identity guidelines.

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on365 Corporate Brochure Design

on365 Corporate Brochure Design

on365 is an independent specialist provider of energy efficient datacentre and physical infrastructure services for public sector, SME and corporate clients across the UK and Europe.

This brochure was produced alongside a range of marketing deliverables after a company name change and rebranding exercise. A hard copy corporate brochure was required by the sales team to support their contract tender bids and as a 'leave behind' for meetings with new clients.

Our brief was to provide the reader with the key information on why, who and what for on365 supported with client testimonials. For this 8 page landscape brochure which made full use of the strong visual branding we had developed, we were responsible for the copywriting, design and all photography.

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Wearable Tech Brochure Design

Vanson Bourne 'Wearable Tech' Brochure Design

This was another brochure for Vanson Bourne supporting a marketing campaign showcasing their market research capabilities. This particular brochure featured the results and analysis from research on Wearable Technology.

From the data summary provided by Vanson Bourne we wrote the copy, designed the page layouts and created the accompanying bespoke graphics.

This 12 page brochure accompanied a microsite, one page overview report, infographic, video interviews as well as social media graphics and posts.

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