EMC Infographic Design

EMC 'Global Data Protection' Infographic Design

Following a global research campaign by Vanson Bourne for their client EMC², the world’s largest provider of data storage systems, we were asked to design an infographic to communicate the key findings.

The EMC Global Data Protection Index infographic had to be consistent with previous campaigns and capable of being used across not only multiple regions but also within individual countries.

Working with the research project managers at Vanson Bourne we designed and produced a global infographic which acted as the master template from which we then produced 18 different country versions using the country specific data for each. This was all done in less than 4 days so a mammoth job but delivered on time and to budget!

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Sitecore Infographic Design

Sitecore 'Mobile Experiences' Infographic Design

Another infographic design project from Vanson Bourne, this time for their client Sitecore, a global customer experience management company that provides web content management and multichannel marketing automation software.

We worked with the Vanson Bourne research project managers to produce a design consistent with Sitecore's corporate brand guidelines but with graphics unique to the key statistics that had been selected to be communicated in this key marketing deliverable.

The whole project was delivered in less than a week including client amends with the graphics created also use by Sitecore in their supporting social media campaign and in presentations at various events.

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Big Data Infographic

Vanson Bourne 'Big Data' Infographic Design

This infographic explaining the key headline results from a Vanson Bourne research project into Big Data was part of a set of deliverables we produced for a marketing campaign which also included a microsite, full research and analysis report as well as social media graphics and posts.

Using the data summary results provided by Vanson Bourne we extracted the key information to be communicated then not only designed the graphics but also provided copy-editing to produce a visually striking infographic which delivered the headline stats from this complex research at a glance and in an easy to understand visual format.

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Wearable Tech Infographic

Vanson Bourne 'Wearable Tech' Infographic Design

A slightly different infographic style here for this Key Findings Report, again produced for Vanson Bourne as part of a set of deliverables for a marketing campaign showcasing their market research services.

This time the topic was Wearable Technology and the campaign also featured a microsite, full research report, video interviews, social media graphics and posts as well as a more traditional infographic.

For this Key Findings Report we identified the most interesting stats from the research findings, wrote the copy and designed the supporting infographics to produce a deliverable that provided not just the research headlines but also that raised some points for discussion.

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Shadow IT Infographic Design

Vanson Bourne 'Shadow IT' Infographic Design

This was a more traditional infographic produced for Vanson Bourne as part of a marketing campaign again showcasing their market research services but this time on the topic of Shadow IT.

From the data summary we identified the key headline stats and designed this infographic featuring bespoke graphics in a style and layout which was in keeping with the previous infographics we had produced for the business.

This infographic was part of a series of deliverables which included an overview brochure, full research report, webcast, video interviews, social media graphics and posts.

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